A few more bits of info that will make your trip even smoother...

Arrival - When you arrive at Stella Maris airport, our driver will be there to greet you.  Should you arrive before check-in time, our driver will take you to the nearby Moonshine Bar for a relaxing drink or snack.  He will then take you to the villas for check-in. On your drive to the villas, please make arrangements with the driver for your return trip to the airport.  Your arrival taxi ride to the villa is complimentary.  We ask that you pay the driver directly for your return trip to the airport.   

When you arrive at the villa, we will be there to greet you, give you a tour, and answer any questions you may have.

Credit cards and Cash - There is an ATM on the island, but to avoid a trip, we recommend that you bring ample cash.  All businesses accept U.S. dollars and the exchange rate is effectively 1-to-1.

Grocery store and gas station in Salt Pond take credit cards.  Percy's Car Rental does as well.  Most restaurants do not take credit cards.  Most boat tour operators also only take cash.  However, Long Island Boat Rentals does take credit cards.   

We also ask that your provisioning bill be paid in cash.

Phone and Communication

  • Landline at On A Whymm is 242-338-8880. 
  • Landline at Mermansion is 242-338-2080. 

We have an unlimited calling plan to the US and Canada so dial away at no charge. Both villas also have wifi, so you can use your own cell phone as well. 

Beach Towels - We have plenty.  No need to bring them. 

Home Entertainment - All TVs have streaming devices.  Some TVs even have a DVD player with some DVD.  Sonos speaker system is also available throughout the villas.

Life Jackets - We only have adult sizes available at the villas. 

SUPs - If you have not already reserved stand-up paddle boards, please let us know ASAP if you would like them.  Long Island Boat Rentals offers them at a discounted price to us if they are delivered at the same time as the boat. 

Bugs - If you tend to be susceptible to bug bites, we highly recommend that you bring traditional bug spray for mosquitos and baby oil for noseeums.  Based on the weather patterns, the can sometimes be a bit annoying in the morning or at dusk.  

Converters - No need for electrical converters.  Same electrical current as the U.S.  

Hairdryers - Each bathroom has a hairdryer. 

Coffee - In addition to traditional coffee makers, we also have Nespresso Machines.  If you prefer those, please just bring your own ("OriginalLine") pods. 

Clothes - While on Long Island, wear whatever makes you comfortable.  Long Island is very casual.  No need to bring high heels or jacket and tie.

Carry-On Bag - In case your luggage were to be delayed, we highly recommend that you pack a swimsuit and change of clothes in our carry-on.  It's very difficult to find swimsuits on island.  

Travel Day -  If you experience any delays or snafus during your travel day, ensure you contact your flight carrier that's taking you to Long Island ASAP.  Please also message me ASAP at 970-439-0533.