November 2022

We can’t believe it’s already been a year. Whymms Villas new owners, Kori & Barry, took over for Carol last fall. When we aren’t on Long Island, we live in Steamboat Springs, CO. We have been loving life in the Bahamas. We’ve seen more aquatic wildlife and drank more rum punch than ever in our lives! Getting to know the people of Long Island, as well as all the fun, and scenic, spots has been fantastic.

In addition to having fun, we’ve been working to get our feet underneath us after a steep learning curve and quite a bit of work. This was our first foreign real estate transaction, which was eye opening! Learning how to do business here, logistics, shipping, and just generally how to get things done… has all been quite new. We’ve enjoyed the challenge and are still learning.

The normal maintenance of beach properties is already pretty intense and the villas have also gone through some enhancements as well…

  • We’ve constructed a new garage, which allows us to have an extra set of appliances and makes for a more streamline turn-over day.
  • Long Island improved the public infrastructure by adding municipal water to much of the island. We were able to take advantage and have a line ran to the property.
  • The septic system underwent a massive repair.
  • Roofs of both villas have been painted.
  • On-A-Whymm pool has been re-painted, and the tile has been replaced. Backyard speakers and lights have also been replaced.

We are working to keep the properties in tiptop shape for your enjoyment, as well as ours.