There are no flights on the major carriers into Long Island. But, you have options to get to the island.  There are two major airports to fly into Bahamas to set you up to get into Long Island: George Town and Nassau. From George Town or Nassau, you want to fly into Stella Maris airport.   

Stella Maris Air Service is a charter company, but they sell by the seat so you don’t have to pay for the whole airplane. Prices are pretty reasonable. Email them directly for scheduling and price:

Island Wings Charter -- Island Wings will basically go anywhere, including Florida. If you are not as price conscious, and don’t mind a smaller airplane, it’s a nice option to take a commercial flight to Ft Lauderdale or Miami and have Island Wings pick you up there. Pretty reasonable prices, especially considering it’s a full charter. And it’s really pretty inexpensive if you can get a commercial flight into George Town. Email Marty directly for

Southern Air This is the economy service, but they have regular flights between Nassau and Long Island.  Because they are a schedule service, they will not wait for you if you flight into Nassau is delayed.  We recommend that you assess the other options before scheduling with Southern Air.   

As we've unfortunately become accustomed, Bahamas has some requirements for entering the country.  But, it is so worth it once you get here!!

Please keep checking the entry requirements prior to your departure to stay up-to-date.

Ensure you complete a health visa.

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing travel insurance. For Hurricane or Pandemic or simply changed your mind, you must purchase CFAR (Cancel for any reason insurance) within 14 days of the day that make the reservation (regardless of your check-in date). Visit for options.