In addition to the kayaking, beach walks, swimming, lounging, reading, sunbathing, and boating available at Whymms Villas, Long Island has ample other sites and activities to enjoy...

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Long Island is endowed with natural beauty and charm that provides endless opportunities to experience nature. 

Enjoy beautiful turquoise water, and pop up sand bars (aka private islands!) and then go feed the swimming pigs and swim with them. Its a blast!  

Snorkel at a sunken plane turned reef that attracts fish, sharks, and rays.  Wildlife viewing is also abundant from the comfort of the boat... birds, rays, sharks, starfish.   

Long Island Boat Rentals & Tours

Diving and Snorkeling

Long Island's clear waters offer a treasure of coral reefs teeming with marine life. Divers can swim and feed reef sharks, an experience offered nowhere else in the world. Whether you want to go cave diving or dive in the fascinating Deans Blue Hole, Long Island is a great place to explore and get a glimpse of tropical sea life in the Caribbean.  

Contact Captain Delbert Smith for rental gear and tour options: 242-338-6001

Snorkeling options also abound throughout the island.  Even right out your back door at the villas.  

Contact Zoe at Long Island Boat Rentals & Tours for gear and tours: 242-472-2590


Dean's Blue Hole - The blue hole is a beautiful site and a lovely way to spend the day.  Snorkeling, swimming, and for those who dare... swim across the depths of the blue hole. 

Columbus - Lucayan Monument - On the north end of the island, check out the monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus' arrival and the aboriginal Bahamians, the Lucayans. This area provides some stunning views. 

Flamingos and Other Birds - A small flock of flamingos migrated from Inagua to Long Island a few years ago and made their home at the southern tip of the island. Among the other species found here is a large flock of the endangered West Indian whistling duck.